The next generation of orthodontic aligners

Cristal clear, easy to use and extremely comfortable

It's there but isn't visible. You can wear it without being aware of it.
The F22 is a system of thin orthodontic devices known as aligners that completely cover the dental arches. Custom-made using an exclusive transparent plastic, they can be used to treat a wide range of alignment issues.

Why choose F22 Aligner

You can wear F22 aligners confidently, knowing you won't have to change your habits or experience any annoying side effects, and with the peace of mind offered by highly predictable results.


The F22 is easy to remove, guaranteeing ultimate oral hygiene and allowing you to eat with no impediment.

Truly invisible

The exclusive material used for the F22 guarantees elevated flexibility and makes it up to 17% more transparent than any other aligner. The absence of structural defects, which are manually inspected and corrected before delivery to the customer, allows up to 20% more light to pass compared to other aligners, for an even more natural effect.

Chromatically stable

Research and published studies show that even in extreme conditions the perfectly smooth surface and the properties of the material guarantee that no pigments are retained: the F22 Aligner maintains the same level of transparency over time.

Predictable results

Thanks to the full contact of the aligner with the arch, control over dental movements is very precise and results are highly predictable. An exclusive 3D viewer allows your dentist to show you the treatment plan, so that you can visualise the progressive movement of your teeth until the optimal result is achieved as planned.

Extreme comfort

You wear it and you don't feel it, thanks to the high elasticity, the rounded edges and no roughness. The edges are finished by hand with particular care through a special technique developed by the School of Specialization in Orthodontics of Ferrara.

Perfect fit

No one will notice that you are wearing the F22, since it adapts to the dental arch perfectly. The gentle forces it creates are transmitted perfectly providing total control over dental movements.

Crystalline and uniform surface

Produced exclusively in Italy using cutting-edge 3D printers, the F22 is manually finished and inspected by specialists at Sweden & Martina, guaranteeing that it is smooth and crystalline with no bubbles or other annoying imperfections.

100% Made in Italy

Studied and designed by the team of specialized orthodontists at the University of Ferrara, produced in Padua in the Sweden & Martina F22 Center. A device entirely created in Italy and checked at every stage of processing.

Scientific Research

The product of over a decade of research conducted by Professor Siciliani and his team at the University of Ferrara. A study of patients that has continued over the years and allowed analysing every aspect of this treatment, producing continuous improvements to the point that it has become the most advanced transparent aligner system currently available on the market.

Gentle and elegant

No one will notice that you are wearing the F22. Thanks to its ultimate transparency and adhesion, you can wear it discreetly and keep speaking and smiling just as always.

The F22 is more than just an invisible treatment option, an alternative to traditional braces: the highly elastic material used is capable of constantly transmitting gentle forces for an even more rapid and comfortable treatment. In addition, wearing the F22 is extremely easy since it is soft and custom-made.



Patients can be shown all the virtual steps of the treatment even before it begins, to enhance their compliance and to give them an active role in the planning process.

Your case always on hand

The specialist you have selected will be able to use a 3D viewer to walk you through the treatment plan specifically developed for your case. You will be able to easily visualise the intermediate phases and see what the end result will be like.

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The orthodontic aligner is produced at the Sweden & Martina F22 Center in Italy, using innovative modern equipment. Qualified personnel provide a manual finish, to guarantee maximum comfort.

The production departments are part of the modern Medical Bioengineering and Production Buildings at the Sweden & Martina offices in Padua, where the entire production process is subject to rigorous quality checks that provide complete direct control over the product.

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Sweden & Martina maintains quality control standards in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI CEI EN ISO 13485, in accordance with regulations 93/42 and 2007/47 for Medical Devices and adopting the Quality System required by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
The push for quality, both for production and for the organisation and services provided, is part of the company's strategy, as well as; a key secret to success.

Sweden & Martina is a sound, Italian, family-owned multinational company that can boast nearly 50 years of history and that has always stood out for its very significant investments in Research & Development and in the best production technology. The Italian-owned group, whose headquarters are in Padua, has centralised production departments, branches and associates in Europe and the United States and distributors around the world. It is an international leader in the design, production and distribution of products for the world of dentistry, especially in the implants and orthodontics sector.

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