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The next generation of orthodontic aligners

F22 is a treatment option that ensures results in limited time, without sacrificing the appearance of the patient’s face or routine.

In a culture where the health and beauty of one's teeth impacts mental and physical well-being and drives professional and social success, having the perfect smile is a very common desire.
Using F22 in your clinical practice means offering your patients Made in Italy devices developed with the scientific support of specialized orthodontists at the University of Ferrara, thus reducing time and costs.

In addition, F22 offers dentists a tutorage service for the entire duration of the treatment, providing immediate and direct interaction with a team of expert orthodontists, if one desires.

The technology

The F22 is a system of thin removable aligners that are custom-made with an exclusive transparent plastic.
Researched by the University of Ferrara and produced in Italy by Sweden & Martina, the F22 Aligner is able to treat a wide range of alignment issues.

The F22 Aligner is the result of over 15 years of research guided by Professor Siciliani and his team at the School of Specialisation in Orthodontics of the University of Ferrara: an assurance of continued research and experimentation designed to obtain a product that is always functionally perfect.
Studies on patients conducted by researchers at the University of Ferrara over the years have allowed developing and improving this orthodontic device, thus producing continuous advancements to the point that it has become the most advanced system of invisible aligners currently available on the market.

Enhanced control on teeth movement

Years of researches have allowed us to identify a new material, capable of enhancing control of tooth movements during the two weeks of usage and which is more comfortable for the patient during the initial hours of treatment, when some discomfort may be experienced.

EvoFlex is a new stratified material, with a highly elastic internal layer which:

Applies  a more delicate initial force which, however,  is constant during the two weeks of use os every F22 Aligner, accelerating and at the same time ensuring improved tooth movement control, for greater treatment effectiveness;
Is more comfortable for the patient, since it minimizes possible pain during progressive tooth movement;
Protects from teeth grinding, being elastic;
Has a tear and tensile strength 300% higher than the average of other materials;
Does not get stained, guaranteeing the aligner’s transparency  for the entire duration of the treatment.

The advantages of F22


Truly invisible

Chromatically stable

Predictable results

Extreme comfort

Perfect fit



Patients can be shown all the virtual steps of the treatment even before it begins, to enhance their compliance and to give them an active role in the planning process.

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