F22 Perfection: bleaching and correcting at the same time!

Thanks to F22 Perfection it is possible to perform in 7 days a professional bleaching by means of the same aligners used for the orthodontic correction: it can be part of the treatment itself.

F22 Aligner is the first and only aligner for which a special whitening spray has been formulated, easy to distribute evenly on the internal surface of the aligner, but not compromising the transparency and therefore the invisibility. The University of Ferrara has published a study in the prestigious scientific journal JCO * describing F22 aligners subjected to cycles of use with different concentrations of various whitening principles for 6 times longer than expected with F22 Perfection. The researchers then analyzed the aligners with both the spectrophotometer and the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), and demonstrated the degree of microstructural resistance of the polymer after 14 days of clinical use.

Why performing bleaching during the alignment?

When those areas interested by teeth crowding are brought to light from a correct alignment, it is important to uniform the enamel colour: this will emphasize the newly obtained harmony of the patient’s smile and most of all it will enhance his satisfaction towards the entire treatment.

Moreover, using the same aligners for bleaching avoids an additional impression taking and waiting for a proper bleaching bite, cutting time and costs.

Why is F22 Perfection the only system offering bleaching during alignment?

The answer is all in the synergy between Evoflex, the stratified polymer of which aligners are made of, and the special formulation of the bleaching gel, in spray: they were both studied to be perfectly compatible, not generating erosion or interaction between the two materials, potentially harmful to the patient.

Traditional bleaching gels require special bites able to retain the active substance in a proper quantity. F22 Perfection on the contrary is a spray gel so it doesn’t require hollow areas, but it runs in a thin constant layer covering all the internal surface of the aligner. This way a flawless result is assured.

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